To my dearest readers,

Hello, my name is Charlotte. Some may know me by that name, others might know me by my alias Evil Queen Cosplay. If you know me by neither, than hello, I am the cosplayer abroad. My sincerest gratitude to you all who read my blog and have found your way to the 'about' section of it.

First, I shall tell you a little bit about myself. I have been cosplaying and making costumes since 2006 and I enjoy every step in the process. My process includes: researching the character and materials, designing the costume, buying the materials, making the costume, showing it off, and if I am lucky, getting a photo shoot done. When I first started cosplaying, it was a hobby that spoke volumes to me because I always had an interest in costumes and wearing them. This hobby quickly morphed into a huge part of my life, and now I can't watch a television show or see a film without wanting to make at least one costume from it.

~Cosplay has moved from hobby to obsession.~

From a young age, not only did I love costumes, but I loved to travel. I was fortunate enough to have a family that traveled a lot and I grew up in that environment until I had to become more serious about school. This need for travel is still implanted in my brain, but now it is mixed up with costuming and it was this strange brew happening in my grey matter that delivered the idea for this blog.

Mostly, I am from Northern California. Yes, one of the many Bay Area cosplayers. However, until March, 2015, I will be living in London. I see this as the perfect opportunity to work travel back into my life and instead of fighting it with cosplay, I'm allowing them to blend together.

~Let the costume choose the travel destination.~

I have a lot of costumes, and they all have specific locations around the world where they are from. So it is time to carefully pack my suitcase and get some of the most accurate photo locations for cosplays, ever. I am excited and I hope you are too, because with each new costume brings a new destination and a new adventure.



Evil Queen Cosplay
My cosplay page. I will not be creating a separate page for this blog. Everything will be posted on my cosplay page.

More About Me
The Great Dickens Christmas Fair- Coventry Caroler- 2012/2013
A Bug's Land attractions cast member at Disney California Adventure- 2012
Cinema Degree, emphasis in Screenwriting from San Francisco State University
Currently, studying Patisserie at a prestigious culinary school in London, UK.

KrakenCon Spring 2014- Judges Award for Queen Elsa

Barnes & Noble Marvel Day Costume Contest- 2nd place for Sigyn

SacAnime Summer 2014- Best Craftsmanship Advanced for Sailor Jupiter

SacAnime Summer 2014- Best Presentation for Cosplay Prism Power (Sailor Moon Group Skit)

Photo Credits:

Title photo by Kylie Smiley.

'About' banner:
-Glaceon photo by Volfogg Cosplay Photos
-Sigyn photo by Ben Rogers Photography
-Elsa photo by Kylie Smiley

 Most recent Sailor Jupiter photo by Charles Eduardo Wilson

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