Sunday, 23 November 2014

Colette Tatou at Ratatouille: The Adventure in Disneyland Paris

I am pretty sure there is a character from every Pixar movie that I want to cosplay. I just really love Pixar. One character on my cosplay to-do list, that had been on there for a while, was Colette Tatou from Ratatouille. Well, I finally found the perfect time to make it.

Disneyland Paris had a Mickey's Halloween Party on Halloween, and I didn't have school that weekend. It was also perfect because they had just opened a Ratatouille area. Time for Colette to visit Gusteau's

Also, thanks to school, I already had quite a few elements to the costume.
Chef shoes: check.
Chef trousers: check.
French chef impression: check. (How else are we suppose to entertain ourselves during our breaks?)

I know for Halloween you are suppose to dress up as something you aren't. Well I'm not a badass French chef, I'm a pastry student. That is different enough for me!

The wig was tricky to find as Colette has a weird purple, red, wine, plum, black hair colour and no bangs. Finally, I found a long haired wig on Amazon, then used a lamp and my head to try and cut it. Not perfect, but it did the trick for the time being.

Had I access to a sewing machine, I would have made the jacket and apron, but I didn't so I ordered those from Amazon as well. The apron was perfect. The jacket came with short sleeves. I ordered a long-sleeved one. I kept that for later use, and went to my local kitchen store and bought a long-sleeve white chef's jacket. I had a discount there for being a culinary school student so it wasn't hefty on the wallet.

This jacket, though, was too big. With tricky maneuvering, I managed to pin it so I could take the back and shoulders in. I sewed those before shortening the hem.

I was now ready to go!

My friend, Kira, borrowed my Wendy Darling costume, and before we knew it, we were at Disneyland Paris.

The Ratatouille area was small and in the back of the Walt Disney Studio Park. Disneyland Paris has two parks. Disneyland, which is very much like the Anaheim Disneyland, and The Walk Disney Studios, which was like Disney California Adventure only more focused on movie making.

The Ratatouille area has the Ratatouille: The Adventure ride and the restaurant Chez Remy, along with a fountain and archway. Also, the giant Gusteau's sign. This is where I posed for my photos.

Kira became my photographer, with our high-tech iPhone cameras. The photos aren't perfect, but the experience was. People were actually calling me Colette, then smiling and being happy at seeing me. Especially the cast members working the Ratatouille ride.

I mean, ultimately, isn't that what cosplay is all about? To bring smiles to people by bringing these characters to life? I think if you can do that, then all your time and effort is completely worth it.



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