Thursday, 13 November 2014

Molly Hooper at St. Bart's Hospital

The Museum of London recently opened a Sherlock Holmes exhibit and with that came an abundance of new Sherlock related experiences. On October 25th, my friend was visiting from France and that was also the first day of the museum's Sherlock Holmes Walking Tour. I signed us up and saw this as the perfect opportunity to take my first photo for this blog.

Starting at the Sherlock Holmes statue outside the Baker Street tube station, we were lead by a museum guide around the area to important locations to the man who never lived and would never die. It was a great tour and my friend and I both enjoyed it a lot as it gave us more information than we previously knew. The tour concluded at the famed corner of St. Bart's hospital well known to fans of the modern BBC Sherlock television series.

It was here, once the tour concluded, that I threw on my Molly Hooper lab coat, with the her badge, over the ruffled plaid shirt I made and dress trousers. This was my Halloween costume from 2013 that I made in half a day. It is Molly Hooper's outfit from when you first see her in Sherlock from the episode 'A Study in Pink'.

As we found out on the tour, many of the others in our group were fans of the modern Sherlock series, so several were amused by my quick swap of coats and watched between taking their own photos of the building, as I walked over to the nearest sign that said 'St Bartholomew's Hospital' and my friend took pictures.

I then quickly re-swapped coats and we wandered off to the museum. On many occasions I had been mistaken for a real doctor while wearing the coat, and this close to a hospital I didn't want to risk this mishap.

For a first time trying this, I think it went very well. I didn't want to try more considering it was a hospital.



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